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How can you use email marketing?

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The system offers a selection of 240 distinct automated email templates for you to choose from. These templates have been proven to be successful. The goal here is to expand your list, leading to more clicks and more earnings! Once you've grown your list, you'll be able to generate profit with just the clicks!

You can also become an affiliate and refer people using your personal link. If anyone joins through your link and upgrades, you'll receive a $97 bonus, along with 5% of any credit packages they purchase in the future!

Promote your own business

On the other hand, you can include your business link, allowing people to click and be directed to your website, page, social media account, or blog. Email marketing has proven to be profitable for many owners over the years and benefits a wide range of entities:

  • Businesses: All sizes can promote, build relationships, and drive sales.
  • E-commerce Stores: Showcase products, announce sales, and recover abandoned carts.
  • Content Creators: Share content, connect, and build a following.
  • Nonprofits: Inform donors, fundraisers, and share impact.
  • Educational Institutions: Communicate updates, events, and opportunities.
  • Freelancers/Consultants: Showcase expertise and attract clients.
  • Event Planners: Send invitations, updates, and reminders.
  • Real Estate Agents: Showcase properties, share updates, and nurture leads.
  • Restaurants/Cafes: Promote offers, new items, and events.
  • Fitness/Wellness Pros: Share tips, classes, and services.
  • Artists/Creatives: Promote work, announce events, connect with fans.
  • Software/App Developers: Provide updates, tips, and tutorials.

How does Cliqly work?

Earn commissions and get a free system to build your email list!

When you sign up for the free trial, it lasts about 5 days. You're provided with 5000 email addresses (subscribers), 200,000 list-building credits, and 500,000 email pro credits.

Once these credits run out, you have a choice: either walk away without any loss or upgrade to become a full paid member.

I highly recommend watching the platform's videos first, as they explain everything for optimal results!

The system operates on a credit basis: every email you send out uses 1 credit. Every day, you need to send out emails, which will only require 10 minutes of your time. Additionally, you have the option to schedule your emails a week ahead. This means you'll spend a maximum of 1 or 2 hours in one day for the entire week!

This it how it works:

  • STEP ONE: You send out 75,000 email pro credits daily (15 x 5000), and these are the emails you earn money from. You receive 10 cents for every click on the links within these emails, regardless of whether a sale occurs.
  • STEP TWO: Additionally, you send out 40,000 list-building emails daily (2 x 20 000) to grow your subscriber list. Each person who opens these emails gets added to your original 5000 email addresses. You also earn 10 cents for each click within these list-building emails.

Once your free trial ends, you'll run out of credits. If you choose to upgrade to a fully paid membership, it costs $97 and includes 200,000 list-building credits and 500,000 email pro credits. With this upgrade, you can also send out 100,000 pro emails per day and receive payouts.

When your upgraded credits are consumed, you'll need to purchase more credits to keep sending emails and making money. There are different credit packages available, often with varying sales, discounts, and coupons offered.

The commission week runs from Monday morning to Sunday night (CST time). If you earn $300 or more by Sunday night, you'll be paid out the following Friday. If you don't reach $300 by Sunday night, your earnings roll forward until you do.

It's worth noting that Cliqly doesn't involve multi-level marketing, so you won't have a downline or earn from others earnings. However, anyone who signs up through your personal link and upgrades will earn you a $97 one-off bonus, contributing to your business growth. Additionally, you'll receive 5% of any credit package purchases they make in the future.

Remember, this is a business, not a job. Like any business, it needs investment. If you want your business to grow, you'll need to invest in it and in yourself.

Think beyond just today and tomorrow – consider the long term. As weeks and months go by, this business will become really profitable! Your earnings will rise as you keep sending emails and growing your list! 

Begin your journey towards a fully automated 2K/week business with this 24 hour income system! Earn money online by sending emails and start profiting now!

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